Space Time front and back   

Mixed  collage  construction paper, pantons, crepe paper 

 50 x 35 cm

200 €


 Moreover the artwork is not exhibited in a transparent support on two sides, but it is designed also to be shown only from a side. So in the exhibition it is accompanied by a colour printing of his back to show its originality and the new because it is reversible.

Therefore it may be exhibited and seen in each sense or at the same time also with the use of two plexiglass layers joined in a frame and the owner of the artwork will choose the way to exhibit it like he prefers.


Ciro Di Fiore, Napoli, Italie



Since 2007 Coro Di Fiore has participated to fairs, in Italy and in Europe like Paris, with mini-lines of clothing for men and for children ( now he goes on taking care about the realization in addition to planning) that are combined from his artistic/stylistic works and from the paintings of international cultural movement Esaperatismo ‘s exponents artists. 


Since december 2015 shows his artistic / stylistic works in Museums, galleries, fairs in Italy and abroad as Europe and America and United Arabe Emirates and Australia and China, with him fashion enter in the art and in the music and in other cultural and social contests, in an innovative and original way. 

His participations 2015/2020 are from the “Italian Art Fair” of Dubai to the “Chie Art Gallery” of Milan, from the Museum of“ Castello di Mola” of Castelmola (Messina) where he won the “ First Prize Tre Torri”, to the “Galleria Wikiarte” of Bologna and from the IVth Biennale “Metropoli di Torino 2016” at M. della Bella Rosin” of Turin to the VIth International Exhibition of the Contemporary Art 2016 at “Museo Cà (Casa) dei Carraresi" of Treviso, from the IInd Edition of artistic and literary Contest “Musica è..” at Cison di Valmarino ( Treviso) to the IInd “ Aspettando La Biennale”at “Pinacoteca” of Assisi, from “Premio Lorenzo De Medici ” at “Palazzo Papafava dei Carraresi de Padova to the the “Fair of Monaco 2016” at Chapiteau de Fontvieille (Principality of Monaco), and from the project” Be Art Builder” with "Prospettive 2016” organized by “Immobiare at the “Residence Ulivi” of Aurisina Cave (in Carso Triestino) to the collective “Impronte” at the “ Galleria Accorsi” of Venice, from the exhibition “La Mágica Atmósfera del Arte” at the “Gran Canaria Art Gallery” of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, to the exhibition


“Expo Bologna 2017” at the “Gallery Wikiarte” and from the collective one of the gallery “Accorsi et of the one’s of London “Le Dame” at “Meliá White House Hotel” in London to International collective exhibition "Essenze d' Arte 2017" at the “Múses European Academy of the Essences”, “Palazzo Taffini D' Acceglio” of Savigliano ( Cuneo) and from european exhibitions “Europ’Art 2017” at the “Gallery Neuf” of Nancy and at the “Company Expertiscomptable C.F.E.” of the Brabois - Nancy Technopôle” for the 60 years of the “Treaties of Rome” to international collective "Art in Lisbon 2017" at the “Atelier Natália Gromicho Art Gallery” in the Espaço Chiado of Lisbon and from the 9th international charitable exhibition "Il Sorriso di Roberta per Unicef"- Project "Children in danger" at the “Paladiana Glass Hall” of Milazzo (Messina) to international collective “ArtExpo Summer Rome 2017” at the “Domus Romana Art Gallery” of Rome and from the Event video platform "Luminator" of “Basel Artweeks” at the “ Euroairport Basel” to the collective Exhibition “ Touch – Contemporary Art between illusion and imitation of the reality” at “809 Art Gallery” of Milan during fashion week in September 2017 and the collective “Choosing Colors” at the “ Daphne Bateau Gallery” organized from Eudaimonia Event at Paris during french fashion week, and from the collective “Epifania dell’ Oltre” of the Ist Edition of the Indipendent Contemporary Art Prize “ Vernice Art Prize”, for the 220° Anniversary of the Giacomo Leopardi’s birth at the Bunker C4 of Caldogno ( Vicenza) to the video of the “Cultural Association Sei l’ Arte” at the Fiera d’ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Dolomiti” of Longarone ( Biella), from the Event video at the Stricoff Gallery di New York Chelsea to the video during the exhibition “ KUNSTMESSE “DOLOMITEN” at the Casa dell’ Arte of Weiz (Austria) and at Treviso (Italy) from the exhibition “Artisti Europei” at the “Immagini Spazio Arte” Gallery of Cremona, to the collective “In- Liberty La Libertà del distacco” at the Villa Pecori Giraldi ( Manifattura Chini) in Borgo San Lorenzo ( Florence) and from the exhibition “12° Contest “Premio Città di Rescaldina 2018” at the Villa Rusconi in Rescaldina ( Milan) to the collective at the new gallery space “ArtMall Milano” during the “Fuorisalone 2019” in Milan from the collective exhibition “The four elements of the Nature for the 500° Anniversary since the death of Leonardo Da Vinci at the “ Centro Servizi Piazza D’ Angiò” at Martina Franca (Taranto) to the collective “Our Place in the Seven Heavens” for the “Festival Global Geopark Unesco” Unesco 2019 at Torquay in the county of Devon in Great Britain and


from the collective exhibition "La città in dialogo" at the "Sala Civica Radio Meda" at Meda (Monza Brianza) to the collective concerning the studies by Leonardo da Vinci on water at the "Milano Nosedo" Wastewater and those of Milan San Rocco from the 500° Anniversary since the death of Leonardo Da Vinci (it was showed until March 2020) to the collective exhibition “Contemporary smArtBox summer 2019” of the World Basement Gallery of Milan at the “Consorzio Santa Trinità” at Prato and from the event video at the gallery “ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich” of Zurich for the SwissArtExpo and to the video during the exhibition of "SwissArtExpo 2019" at Zurich with the "ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich"and the collective Arτεχνο -Arte_Tecnologia_Luce_ Colore of “Atelier dell’Artista Cultural Association” with “AIAPI Arti Visive IAA AIAP Unesco” at the “Palazzo Loggia” at Motta di Livenza (Treviso), and to the exhibition on screen of ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0 at the “Eduardo Lira Art Gallery” of Miami during the “ ART BASEL Art Week ” and the collective Contemporary SmARTbox at the “Basement Gallery Milano” at Milan, and from the 24-Hours exhibition online Abstract Aeras at The Wall Space Gallery, Scotland, UK


to the online exhibition in the Ecomusée of the Api of Geneva, and on website of the Association Ricercarte of Palermo and from the online exhibition "The word takes a break" on website of Association of Berlin to the publication of his artworks on socials of the Foundation Trussardi and from online art 's exhibition in Minnesota " Social Distancing Art ” of Contamined organized by the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy and the 'Institute for Digital Humanity to the online exhibition “ En casa por el covid-19 “with the catalogue 2020 Noartist K-ant in Argentina and from the collective exhibition “Contatto” of of the Association Ricercarte of Palermo to the Museum “Nino Cordio” at Santa Ninfa (Trapani) to the video exposition at the Library video room of the Modern Art Gallery of Rome and the 6th online International collective exhibition "Art Resilience"to the "Musée de peinture de Saint- Frajou" of "SaintFrajou to the online exhibition of the Santana Art Gallery of Madrid and from the online exhibition UPLIFTING BOOST" organized by australian virtual Gallery Dagaz to the online collective exhibition Alive Inside: Remembering the Body as Earth organized by the Hearth Studio of North Carolina


In 2020-21 Daniel he has received two certificate by the Nasa, one in last June for his participation to Nasa Space Apps " the Covid -19 Challenge for global problemresolver and organized with the collaboration of European Space Agency (Esa) and Jaxa Agency (Japan) and Csa Agency ( Canadian) and Cnes Agency (French) and the other, in October for the Nasa Space Apps Take Action, category Putting the 'Art' in Artemis, with his project "Mars and Moon: A new window for the Umanity" Moreover Daniel has partecipe to the exhibition H2O of the J. Mane Gallery of the New Jersey in U.S.A, and to those online of the Dafne Project of Lisbon in Portugal. In september 2016 he received also honorable mention of the Association “ Camellia Rubra” from a popular jury( readers, frequenters of libraries, fans ) in Artistic and Literary Contest “Musica è…” with musical theme “la Musica è…” to Cison di Valmarino( Treviso), while in October 2016 to the Contest of Padova “Premio Lorenzo De Medici, he had the certificate of Merit by the artist and Prince Lorenzo De Medici and the QueeenArt Studio gallery In January 2017 he was awarded a Certificat of Merit to the Exhibition “Atmosfera Mágica del Art” received by José Van Roy Dalì, son of the one the greatest artists, Salvador Dalì, and from “Athena Editore” to “Essenze d’ Arte 2017” at international art exhibition at “Múses European Academy of the Essences” of Savigliano ( Cuneo). During his participation to European collective exhibition at the "Galerie Neuf" of Nancy in May 2017 for the 60th Anniversary of the "Treaties of Rome", his work of fashion designer is indicated in an article of French newspaper " L' Est Républicain". 


His work was published for two times also in the Art’s catalogue “ L’ èlite Selezione arte 2018/2019 ” of Artitalia Edizioni that is again from last January in workshops and galleries and European embassies. In January 2019 he has received the Finalist Certificate “CFA Artist of the Year Award” 2018/2019 by the organization “Circle Fondation For the Arts” of Lyon For an art gallery the artitic/ stylistic work of Daniel may be already sold with a quotation for auctioring. 

From September 2020 Daniel is a member of the "Musée de peinture de SaintFrajou en France and of the Art Mouvement Résilience of this Museum An artwork of Daniel was published in April 2019 in the “Murze magazine” of Art in London with the artworks of 15 artists and concerning the climate change and his portfolio will be also on the web site of this magazine Moreover one of his artistic/ fashion artwork that Daniel created in relation to European Union has been presented in last April 2019 by “Radio Onda Italiana” at Amsterdam This show has launched the art project "My Europe, Tales Beyond The Common” to remember and reflect on the good resolutions on which the European Community has been founded (Aims and values of the UE). Other artworks of Daniel were published also from April to September 2019 and December and January 2019 on the magazine of art “A5” of London and in July 2019 on “ Artness Contemporary” magazine of Berlin with other locations and also publications at Lisbona and at New York. From May to October 2019 his artworks were on the magazine Average of Liverpool and in May and June 2019 and from August to October 2019 on "wotisart? "


 The artwork of Daniel was exhibited in April 2020 at the Ecomuseé of the Api of Geneva and it was published on the swiss online magazine Alachaine. In 2020 his job was published on the catalogue of Contemporain Art "Essenza 2020" and it will be distributed in different Italian fairs and abroad Daniel devotes himself also to the photography and to the illustrations and among his participations the collective photographic exhibition online with Palm Coast, and another with Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and the collective with Los Angeles and those organized in California In 2020 his photo with the title « The Nature at Home was published » for « Viaggi da Camera » on socials of the Trussardi Foundation of Milan In 2021 Daniel has participate to the photography Project MNEMOSPHERE of the" POLITECNICO of Milan with a photo of his outfit of fashion created by you for the project “Couture in Orbit” This my photo was published on socials of Fahion Fair Pitti Uomo 98 for the event “#Pittiblue challenge: Send us your “blu” on Instagram" and he has received also a like by Pitti 98

He has take part both of a environmental - geographical photographic competition “Obiettivo Terra” for the 48th Earth Day for the National Parks’ s safeguard, and National Protected Marine Areas , and also to the contest “Terminididentità” of Rome Now he is in Naples, but he travels for his work and for the enrichment of his training. In fact, in february 2017 he took part of the project “Couture in orbit” in creation and of a clothing collection that integrated space technologies and innovative materials that was presented in May 2017 with a video in the exhibition “Living in Space”, in textile fair “Techtextil Messe” a Francoforte and after at the ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Nordwijck (Netherlands) This is been organized by the “ Poli.Design (Politecnico di Milano)” with textile and fashion companies like Colmar and ispirated by the European Space Agency (ESA) ,that was also partner of the project, as Texclubtec. He has received also a certificate for his participation to another contest of the Esa’ s European Space Agency “LAUNCH YOUR DESIGN WITH CHEOPS” and with this the Art is taken in the Space