Ipung Purnomo




The moment

35  x 37 cm






35 x 37 cm

400 € 

Ipung Purnomo, Timica, Papua, Indonesie


Site web : http://www.art-3000.com/artist/?id=9597

Instagram : https://gramha.net/explore-hashtag/ipungpurnomo


I've liked painting since I was a kid. I've taught myself most of the time. Then,I learned painting more seriously from some professional artists in 2013-2014 hoping that it would improve my painting skills. I've participated in art events nationally and internationally. Few exhibitions were held in Indonesia and some exhibitions were held overseas such as, Vietnam, Italy, UK, USA, Columbia, France, Poland, Netherlands, and Japan. My works have been included in international publications: International Contemporary Artists, International Contemporary Masters, and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal. I won a Museum Award from Musee de Peinture de Saint-Frajou, France.

About art: My art is little bit experimental. I apply different techniques on my art to get self-satisfaction and find my "taste". Usually,I draw figures. They always interest me, especially their expressions. I draw animals sometimes, but in unrealistic styles.