susanne dagmar olsen



Susanne Dagmar Olsen, Overvindinge, Denmark


Have worked with painting and linocut for many years








Selection of the latest exhibitions


2020 - International cens groupexhibition"high-graphic-projekt" Russia Tartarstan Katinnaya     

            galereya.....Gloria Lavagini.Italy......Marat Iskandarovich Mingalev,Russia

         -  International cens groupexhib  ,Mitrovica printbiennale,first international printbiennale      

            Kosevo.....proff Tafil Peci Boletini,Proff Basni Mebolli, Proff Agim Selmi

         -  Lnternational cens groupexhibition Argentina  Santa Fe "proyecte arte"  international     

            miniprint biennale

        -  Internatiil groupexhibition IPCNY  internationale printcenter New York  manhatten    


         -  International online groupexhibition  Tyrcia Istanbul "engravist" printmaking biennale

         -  International groupexhibition  Greece  "bestarium"  Athens printmaking center

2021 -  Group exhibition  miniprint Cantabrien  Spanien

          -  Chosen from exhibit i Cantabrien 2020 for exhibition in Goyas house Bourdeux France

2022,23 - Invitation from museeum i Douro Portugal for virtuel ,and physical exihibition of    


2022 -  Invitation to "open call only for selected"  Kenosa art museum, chosen , by    

              Internationale acrylic painters association  USA

Member af Danske Grafikere and Fresno printmakers Guild

Grants Grosser Fogt  in scholarship in 2013 and 2015