El Pachuko






Tel Aviv, Israel







Biography & Education

Born in Uruguay in 1968, raised in Israel and U.S, Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Received Bsc. in Electrical Engineering with Honors from Technion, Haifa, Israel in 1991.

Worked as an Engineer and Teacher until 2002.

Artistic Exploration

2003 - 2009 - Owner of workshop for rustic furniture and sculptures working mainly with

wood and iron.

2009 - 2011 Started painting mainly using acrylics and made a series of urban paintings

called "boxes".

2013-2014 - Started experimenting with photography using various home appliances and

made a series of photographs called "distortions".

2016-2018 - Started painting using digital media and made a series of digital paintings

and illustrations for a children book.


Group Exhibitions:

2006 - “The Kind Tree”, Gan Shmuel Gallery, Israel

2010 - “Bread and Roses”, Minshar Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2011 - “Artists for babies”, Taby Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018 - “Shapira Paintings”, Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel