International exhibition art resilience 2015

With the International Art Resilience Exhibition, we wanted to give space to artists for whom art is not a random gesture, a discursive presentation, a playful space, or an airtight show.

Today, as art becomes increasingly a support for the marketing efforts of large brands, such as with Yayoi Kusama for Vuitton or Marina Abramovic for Bernardaud, or continues, as it has for the past several decades, to obsess over the human body by querying the status of the body, social pressures, (as Orlan), when it rushes headlong into violence and ugliness, we present the artists who continue to favour in art what is intrinsic and immutable to it: aesthetics.

There is nothing more normal  for this kind of artistic expressions to exist. All civilizations have generated images of their societies and, among them, some works of art. But, sadly, society has lost all of its vitality and exhausts itself in repetition that pretends to be innovation.

We want to show the artists that not only illustrate modern society, but who also commit themselves to the path of art. Thus, the works of art preserve their reason for being: connecting man to the world and engaging him in the great breath of life.

 For this first edition  twenty artists are selected from ten different countries. Representatives from Argentina, Ecuador, Togo, USA, Slovenia, Australia, England, Turkey, India, France. The paintings of small formats with varied expressions: abstraction, figuration, gestural painting. Preferring the color or line, using various mediums. But what united these artists is the rigorous composition, balance of form, harmony of colors, originality and authenticity.

                     Video of the International exhibition art resilience