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                                                         Art Resilience movement 

                                     Head office    Bateau-Lavoir

                                                              Contact : Ksenia Milicevic

                                                              13, place Emile Goudeau

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Ksenia Milicevic's studio in Bateau-Lavoir
Ksenia Milicevic's studio in Bateau-Lavoir

Art speaks of the human world in the language of the world.

                                                                                                          Ksenia Milicevic

Note: Resilience is originally a term used in physics to characterize the ability of a material subjected to an impact to regain its original state. It  is the ability to absorb disturbances, to be changed and then to re-organise, to learn from the disturbance, and to still retain the same basic structure, to still have the same identity. 


In art, resilience is the ability of the artwork to preserve its special features through aesthetics despite increasing subjectivization.



The International  Exhibition Art Resilience 2018

The International  Exhibition Art Resilience will take place from 4 to 20 August 2018,

at the Saint-Frajou Art Museum, Saint-Frajou 31230, France
Applications are to be filed between  January 1° and Jun 15, 2018, in digital format. The candidate must preregistrate  HERE



                                             You can register here

4° World Congress on Resilience

The 4th World Congress on Resilience will take place in Marseille in June 2018, from June 28 to 30, at the Palais du Pharo.

Organized by the association Resilio and LPED (Aix Marseille University - IRD), its theme will be " Resilience based Practices"

It will be the meeting place for researchers, practitioners and professionals, from all disciplines who wish to share their experiences of resilience practices, and to learn how resilience can change their professional practices.


High level conferences, thematic round tables, specific sessions, poster, "my communication in 180 seconds", places of exchange, activities, etc.
Three days will bring together nearly 1000 people of all nationalities, under the aegis of an international scientific council.


Website, call for papers and registration: https://www.resilience2018.org/welcomeen


Serban Ionescu
Hubert Mazurek

Co-Chairs of the 4th Congress