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                                                       Re-basing art on beauty  


 Bateau-Lavoir, Paris
Bateau-Lavoir, Paris

                                                                                                                     Art speaks of the human world in the language of the world.


To young artists

Art is not for the entertainment of the artist, nor to disseminate his opinions, it goes to the viewer. It must open up a space to the world and to nature. He thus teaches balance and harmony.

                                                                   Ksenia Milicevic

Note: Resilience is originally a term used in physics to characterize the ability of a material subjected to an impact to regain its original state. It  is the ability to absorb disturbances, to be changed and then to re-organise, to learn from the disturbance, and to still retain the same basic structure, to still have the same identity. 







April 2020

When the world in us or around us is disturbed, we don't hang, we do not block, we do not scatter in all directions, we create our existence differently. We remain simultaneously stable and in motion. Resilience is no longer adapting to the new situation, because to adapt is to change. Resilience means understanding the new situation and finding the best solution to continue.

Life and artwork have the same background.



In art, resilience is the ability of the artwork to preserve its special features through aesthetics despite increasing subjectivization.


   The issue of resilience in art was raised in  Congrès Euro- Méditerrané - la Résilience dans la Mode du Vivant en 2016 and in 4° Congrès mondial sur la Résilience en 2018

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Because of COVID-19, the 6th Art Resilience Exhibition will be organized online (Internet).

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