Myriam Vandezande

Peintre et musicienne
Peintre et musicienne


I was born and raised in Leuven, Belgium. As a daughter of language and music lovers, I studied at a classical high school (Latin-Greek) and at the KUL, Leuven Universiy (Roman Philology, French and Italian). At the same time, I studied general music and piano at the conservatories of Leuven and Brussels. I have always been drawing and painting. Whenever I had a little bit of time, I took some classes in watercolor and oil painting techniques at the art academy of my town.

During my youth, I visited many European countries and their museums. The beauty of the work of the old masters and more particularly the beauty of the chiaroscuro paintings of the seventeenth century, sparkled a strong desire to study this technique, one day in the future…

I met my husband while I was working as a music and music pedagogy teacher in Rwanda. Together we lived and worked in several countries in Africa and Asia.

When we lived in Bangkok, I took lessons with a fantastic and famous watercolor painter, Charlee Sodprasert. Much later, I met my Master in the Flemish and Dutch baroque technique, on line: David Leffel. This wonderful and famous American painter spent half of his life to discover the secrets behind the technique of Rembrandt.  I started studying with his books and video lessons. I went to take classes with him at the art center linked to the Ringling College for Art and design in Sarasota, Florida.

I exhibited my work in several countries.


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