Andrea Ratto



25  x  40

150  €

"Blue Something"


30 x 40 cm.

150 €


Andrea Ratto, Coruña, Espagne.  Né en Italie.

Réalisation majoritairement des photographies prises dans les rues, comme un témoignage de la vie sociale. Il vient de réaliser le livre "Europa" après un voyage d'une année à travers l'Europe.  



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In 2017 I walked the streets of 26 European countries with my camera in a fully independent journey, taking about 85,000 photos. At first sight, this may seem insane, but actually, it was just my personal attempt to the answer to two primary questions that I have been asking myself in the light of the current economic, political and social evolution we are facing: Does the European society exist as a whole? And if it does, how does it work? In April 2018 I complete a Crowdfunding in the Kickstarter platforme to rise the funds to print the photobook of my project “Europa” ( here you can see the campaign : ) . The book was released in September 2018 and was presented in A Coruña, Genova, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Santiago, Jerez and Palencia (in the Pallantia Photo festival 2019). The first edition of 150 photobook is now sold out. A second edition was published."


  • 2018   New project about Gentrification in Lavapiés, Madrid with sociologist Marta Morán.
  • 2019  “Street sans frontieres” event  @Galerie Joseph Turenne. paris, France

                   “All Roads lead to Rome” event @Arte Borgo Gallery.Rome, Italy

                   “Europa”  (@Spazio B Libreria Bodoni).Turin, Italy 

  • 2020 photobook/fanzine “Lavapiés” and  personal expo in A Coruña Spain (@Atelier de fotografía).