Susanne Dagmar Olsen




Susanne Dagmar Olsen

Born i 1955 i Overvindinge Denmark

Have worked with painting and linocut for many years....and have got private education by several proffesional artists over the years.



Some of the latest exhibitions

2020 international cens groupexhibition"high-graphic-projekt" Russia Tartarstan Katinnaya galereya.....Gloria Lavagini.Italy......Marat Iskandarovich Mingalev,Russia

2020 international cens groupexhib ,Mitrovica printbiennale,first international printbiennale Kosevo.....proff Tafil Peci Boletini,Proff Basni Mebolli, Proff Agim Selmi

2020 international cens groupexhibition Argentina Santa Fe "proyecte arte" international miniprint biennale

2020,21,22,23 groupexhibition miniprint Cantabrien Spanien

2021 chosen from exhibit i Cantabrien 2020 for exhibition in Goyas house Bourdeux France

2022 chosen from the Collection in Cantabrien 2021 to the exhibition of print on the Marie Curie universitety Lublin in Polen groupexhibition

2020 international groupexhibition IPCNY internationale printcenter New York manhatten "homebody"

2020 international online groupexhibition Tyrcia Istanbul "engravist" printmaking biennale

2020 International groupexhibition Greece "bestarium" Athens printmaking center

2022 douro museum Portugal the 5th global printbiennale

2022 8 salon international "art resilience" France

2022 " international pandemic inspirations 2" exhibition in Tyrkey

2023 Invitation from museeum i Douro Portugal for virtuel ,exihibition of print.

2022 invitation to "open call only for selected" Kenosa art museum, invitationen is because i was chosen , by Internationale acrylic painters association USA

2023 memberexhibition danish graphics Copenhagen

2023 " Artquake ll "international art exhibition curator Safe Bute Tyrkey

Member af Danske Grafikere


Grants Grosser Fogt in scholarship in 2013 and 2015